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Have a look at these 10 amazing ideas of spreading the magic of black granite in your home.

​1. In its classical best – Traditional or modern black granite looks great in any style of kitchen. However, the classic and timeless combination of black and white will remain immortal and never let you down. Here in the white dominated kitchen contrast in brought by black granite counter-top which extends to form breakfast bar. It’s a marriage made in heaven.

2. Monochrome magic – Monochrome magic will create an amazing drama and add personality into the space. The monotony of black on counter-top, backslash and cabinets is broken by unpredictable pattern of white in black dominated design. The dark surface of the space is balanced off by the shine of white marble on the floor. The best thing about black granite top in kitchen is that it hides dirt and dust well and still maintains its shine.

3. Sophistication with black – Black leaves a powerful statement in the space where it is used. While constructing or renovating the work-space, selecting the right material and color is quite challenging. The decision last for long and you have to live with it daily. Though we Indians avoid using too much of black in home decor, however, black granite stone is an exception. Being a popular choice for counter-top, it won’t harm if we take the liberty and extend it a bit more in our kitchen. In fact maintenance will become easier. In this kitchen, black granite extends up to the wall and in combination with white on cabinets and floor, it looks classy.

4. Medley of colors – Granite is available in different textures and finishing that make it possible to use as a flooring option too. In combination with mosaic tiles on the front steps, blue tiles on one side and white on the other; the medley of color with the magic of black granite is creating an interesting decor. Contrast the rough finishing of granite with smooth shine of wall and front tiles and enjoy the visual treat it will create.

5. Choosing the right style – Black granite brings in sophistication and elegance into the space with its presence. It is available in different textures and in different shades of black too. So you can have more than one type and shade of black in the same space and still make a statement. Here the texture and shine of black granite dominates the space in counter-tops, bathtub, floor and wall and contrast in added in texture as well as in color by delicate touch and hue of glass. In fact the unique style created by shine of granite reflecting in glass is simply amazing.

6. Temple over granite stone – The serene calmness of granite stone with its shine is perfect to luxury into the space. However, it requires skills and little guidance from experts, but the beauty with black is that it can integrate seamlessly in any environment even in the pious pooja space of your home. Now it depends on you how you want to decorate it to make it an elegant and amazing.

​7. Beautiful bathroom in generous black – This one is to inspire those who are afraid of using black on the wall thinking that it will make the bathroom dark and dull. Granite is used on the wall adjoining the sink and wooden counter-top instead of having granite as counter. The beautiful combination or wood and shades of wood on the adjacent wall and floor are giving depth into the space and the result is stunning.

8. The magical black and white – This is simply classy and brings in amazing charm into the space with its mere presence. White sink sitting on counter-top surrounded by black granite wall; it’s enthralling.

9. Enhancing the beauty of beautiful kitchen – Shiny granite counter-top, Matt-finish granite on wall as backslash, open window framed with black granite, open brick wall beyond the black and cabinet in orange hue; the beauty of this beautiful kitchen would not have been same with any other color of the stone. The beauty with black granite is that it has the power to enhance the beauty of space wherever it is fitted and make a statement of its own.

10. Taking a black flight – How about climbing up and down by stepping on black stone and feel powerful and strong? Black granite staircase will surely elevate the beauty of your home and make it luxuriously sophisticated.